ActInSpace NZ is over for 2018 – stay tuned to find out more about how the winning team from Christchurch does in the international finals, and about the next global ActInSpace event in 2020.

To participate in ActInSpace NZ you must be in a team of between two and five people.

We expect that you will either be part of a team already, or will join a team at the start of the competition. The best teams have a mix of skill sets, so look for people who have different talents to you. 

There will be an ActInSpace NZ slack channel which we will be inviting all registered participants to join. This is a good place to see conversations about the event, and to connect with potential teams.

Don’t worry too much if you haven’t found a team by the start of the event – there will be an opportunity to meet people at the opening of the event, and the organising crew will help you meet other ActInSpace-ers looking for a team.

Register for ActInSpace.