ActInSpace NZ 2018 is officially all full up! 

Want to know more for next time?

Have a think about where you might fit in the following four categories.  If you’re one of these ‘types’ of person, you’ll be a great fit for this event.

  • Visionary – I see what the future could be and have great ideas about how to make it happen
  • Hustler – I can build relationships and influence people to make a vision a reality
  • Hacker – I look at a vision and work out how we can prototype and gain customer feedback
  • Designer – I walk in the customer’s shoes and work out the look, feel and taste of the vision

The recommended age for our event is 18 and up, and the only criteria for being a participant is a keen interest in space (or the data delivered from space) and the willingness to work in a team to build a start up idea from scratch.

If this sounds like you, then please sign up to ActInSpace NZ next time!