Other space events in Christchurch

ActInSpace NZ is over for 2018 – stay tuned to find out more about how the winning team from Christchurch does in the international finals, and about the next global ActInSpace event in 2020.

Interested in Space? 

Get along to Extreme Environments – from the Antarctic to Space, a Techweek ’18 event being held in Christchurch on Thursday 24 May, bringing together local, national and international experts to help attendees understand how exploration in the Antarctic is a dry run for space exploration. The event will also highlight ways to use space tech to provide innovative solutions to today’s current navigational and scientific challenges.

Or take part in the inaugural NZ Space Challenge, which aims to develop and apply space data and space technologies to current problems. With Antarctica as an analogue of future space exploration, the 2018 Challenge seeks innovative solutions to enable safer, more efficient navigation across Antarctica.

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