ActInSpace NZ is over for 2018 – stay tuned to find out more about how the winning team from Christchurch does in the international finals, and about the next global ActInSpace event in 2020.

To win one of the ActInSpace NZ prizes you must meet the ActInSpace criteria and have a great pitch to present at the end of the Hackathon.

The 2018 judging criteria is:

  1. Has the team integrated into its response the use of the space data or technologies proposed in the challenge? This involves checking that it has responded properly to one of challenges proposed, and not proposed a startup project that is independent of the challenges.

  2. The validity of the economic model to allow the startup to generate income:
    – Customer validation: idea tested with a potential market
    – Assessment of needs (HR, financial, material) to drive the project
    – Proposal of an income model
    – Competitive analysis, etc.
    40% of the final mark

  3. Innovative and original nature of the project:
    The innovative nature can arise in all the possible domains:
    – Product, service, social, organisational, business model, architectural, technological innovation
     – Whatever its form: incremental or radical innovation
    20% of the final mark

  4. The expected benefits of the project for the rest of society:
    Relevance of the project to major social issues, in particular in terms of creation of activity and employment, climate change, safety, health, tackling inequality, management of our planet’s resources, etc.
    20% of the final mark

  5. The jury’s special prize:
    Beyond the project, investors must believe in the women and men behind it. Do they have the energy, belief, leadership and interpersonal skills that will make them charismatic leaders rather than simply managers?
    20% of the final mark

There are also several partner prizes which have their own criteria. Check out the prizes page to learn more about them.

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